Rosters | S2017

On this page you will find the past rosters for the Summer 2017 season (S2017).

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Ace of Spades | S2017

Black Bulls | S2017

GScott Alexander-Goalie
19Jeff Kruger-Skater
9Ash Haynes-Skater
12Julia Myers-Skater
13Tom Cayer-Skater
9Paula Bertrand-Skater
19Jack Douketis-Skater
10Adam Haynes-Skater
29Ron Bertrand-Skater
21Kim Dagg-Skater
22Tom White-Skater
67Marcus Lee-Skater
14Sandro Cervoni-Skater
18Jim Douketis-Skater
22Ves Sobot-Skater
60Daniel Bertrand-Skater

Green Lanterns | S2017

Ice Bears | S2017

Chaos | S2017

Spartans | S2017

Stormtroopers | S2017

Knights | S2017

Team Canada | S2017

Stars (Arcturus) | S2017