Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you for your interest in joining the ARL! We strive to make the registration process as easy as possible. To that end, this page will answer some of the more common questions we’ve received over the years. If you feel something is missing or if you still have outstanding questions, please reach out to us.

For the purpose of this FAQ, the ARL – Adult Rookie Hockey League – may be refered to interchangeable as “we”, “us”, the “ARL”, or “Rookie Hockey” with owned assets referred to as “our(s)”.

How do I register to play in the ARL?

Registration is all completed digitally via the Rookie Hockey website. The registration landing page can be found here.

When can I register?

The ARL has 2 season; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Typically, registration opens 2 months prior to the start of the season. This means the Summer season opens in February, while the Winter Season opens in July. An announcement will be made on the News page the day registration has been opened.

What payment options are available?

At the time of writing, the ARL provides the option of making payments via Debit*, Credit Card or Interac e-Transfer.

*The Debit card must display a Visa or MasterCard logo. Alternatively, a PayPal account provides the ability to link a bank account and make payments that way.

Is my registration transaction secure?

The ARL makes every practical attempt to safe-guard transactions performed on our website. This includes (but is not limited to) utilizing HTTPS (TLS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3), HSTS, and the latest security patches. Qualsys, a trusted SSL testing suite, gives us an A+ rating! (as of: 2/10/2019)

Does the ARL store my credit card number?

No. Payments made via credit card are processed via external, 3rd-party vendors. At the time of writing, these vendors are Stripe and PayPal; 2 highly reputable online payment gateways. For more information on how your information may be stored, please see their respective websites.

How does the Installments (Split-Payment) option work?

If you elect to use the split-payment option, the first half of the registration fee will be due at the time of sign-up, with the second half due in 30 days.

If you paid the first installment with a credit card (Stripe/PayPal), your card will automatically be billed the second installment in 30 days. If the transaction fails, you will receive an email with a link to follow to make the payment.

If you paid the first installment with e-Transfer, an invoice containing a link to make the second installment payment will be generated in 30 days and sent via email.

Failure to complete the second installment payment within a timely manner (at the sole discretion of the ARL) may result in the rejection of your registration as well as monetary loss as outlined in the Refund Policy.

What is the “Processing Fee” on my invoice?

This fee could have easily been called a ‘convienience fee’ or similar. If you elected to pay by Stripe or PayPal, you will likely see this additional charge. Both Stripe and PayPal charge a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee (1, 2 ) for all credit card transactions. In an act of transparency, we elected to show this charge clearly on checkout.

How can I avoid the “Processing Fee”?

This fee only applies to Stripe and PayPal. There is no additional fee for payments made by e-Transfers, although your banking institution may charge their own fee for the use of e-Transfer depending on your account type. Please refer to your bank for charges or fees they may charge

How can I check my current/previous registrations?

When you register to play in the ARL, you are given the option to also sign-up for an ARL account (“My ARL Account”). This is highly recommended as it ties all your interactions with us to an easy to manage portal. To access your account, please go to My Account.

I’m not sure if my registration went through. Can you confirm for me?

If you received a “Your registration is accepted” email from the ARL, your registration was more than likely processed without issue. If you would still like to confirm, you can see your current registration status on your My Account page (provided you elected to sign-up for an account at registration). Otherwise, please contact us to confirm.

Where can I check my current installments status?
Where can I make an installment payment?

Installment status is available on the My Account page. If you did not register for an ARL account, please contact us to obtain this information.

I would like to pay for my second installment before the automatic 30-day period.

If you would like to pay your second installment early and you have an ARL account, you may do so on your My Account page under Installments. Otherwise, please wait for the automated process.

I need a copy of my invoice/receipt.

If you have an ARL account, this can be found on the My Account page. A copy also should have been emailed to you. If not, please contact us to obtain a copy.

My previous registrations aren’t listed on the “My ARL Account” page.

This will likely occur if you were not signed in to your account at the time you registered. Please use the Contact Us form and report a “Website Error”. We will manually link your past transactions to your account.

My registration is showing an “On-Hold” status. What does this mean?

If your registration is showing as On-Hold, you likely elected to use e-Transfer as your payment method. If you have already sent your payment, please allow up to a week for the status to change as takes a bit to manually deposit and action the registration

How can I check if the ARL website is having issues?

A status page for the ARL website is available at

I’ve read through this page but my question hasn’t been answered

Please head over to the Contact Us page and send us a message.

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