What Equipment do I Need?

While the ARL strives to be a fun, non-contact and non-aggressive league and while no one likes to see anyone get hurt, accidents will happen from time to time. Head and face injuries can have devastating life long effects.  This is why the League Convenors and Referees would like to remind everyone about taking accountability for your own personal safety. Please try to mitigate any potential injury by at least wearing the minimally acceptable equipment and be encouraged to have more than what is required.

Equipment Checklist
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey Pants
  • Helmets
    • Only helmets bearing a visible CSA certified label may be worn.
    • The ARL requires a minimum half-shield with mouth piece or cage w/o mouthpiece
      • A full cage/hybrid is highly recommend!
    • Any facemask must also be CSA approved
    • Helmets must have a chin strap and this must be properly secured at all times. The strap should not be loose enough to be able to take the helmet off and slide it on without undoing the snaps. Same should apply for helmets with cages although they have secondary means of attachment.
    • Ear-guards for helmets are not mandatory.
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Pads
    • Must cover the entire kneecap.
  • Neck Guard
    • Not mandatory, but recommended.
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Jill (Pelvic Protector) or Jock
  • Hockey Stick
  • Hockey Socks and Team Hockey Sweater (league supplied)

Today’s hockey equipment helps protect you from head to toe. Most of the gear is specifically designed to help maximize your performance while still helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Use of Proper Safety Equipment

This is a reminder to our players about the use of proper safety equipment, particularly around helmets and facial protection.

According to the ARL Rules and Regulations, helmets must be worn by all Players and Referees. Helmets must be CSA approved with properly fastened chinstraps. Furthermore, ARL requires, at minimum, a half-cage/shield with mouth piece or full-cage/shield without a mouthpiece. Facemasks must also be CSA approved.  Failure to have non-CSA approved headgear will be enforced by the Referees and League Convenors.

The following is what makes a helmet and facemask CSA approved. Depending on the age of your helmet, you will either have an orange/blue sticker with CSA in the centre or you may have an orange/blue CSA sticker with a year. CSA approval for facemasks will not extend to non-hockey facemasks, such as those designed for ringette or lacrosse. All facial protection rated for adult hockey use must have a CSA sticker or embossing with a type number of 1, 4, 5 or A for players and a 3 or C for goaltenders. Type number is based on size, material composition and penetration rating of the mask.

As the quality of protection a helmet or facemask offers will degrade with time, CSA approval of a helmet or facemask is now only valid for 5 years from the date of manufacturing.  It is highly recommended that for your protection, anyone with an aging or damaged helmet or facemask please evaluate the purchase of newer equipment. Players or Goalies with helmet or facemask older than 5 years will still be allowed to play; unless the equipment is damaged, is missing pieces (e.g. chinstrap), deemed to be unsafe or has any post-manufacturing modifications