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Scorpions vs Train Wreck
White Walkers vs Knights
B-Town Bullies vs Beasts
Tailgaters vs Tigers
TrebleMakers (Musik 7 Studios) vs Benders
Eh Team (Baranowski Plumbing) vs Predators
Lightning vs Team Canada
Stonecutters vs Green Eagles
Wild vs Avalanche
Titans vs Penguins (Adkins Financial)
Sharks (Kenesky) vs Kings
Canadiens (Tread Well) vs Spartans (Lusk.Tech)
Ice Dogs vs Whalers
St. Pats vs Stars (Arcturus)
Devils vs Land Sharks (Best Real Estate)
Blackhawks vs Black Bulls
Stars (Jeff Robson) vs Leafs
Thunder vs STP
Replacements vs Burlington Iceotopes