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End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You

Hello ARL Players,

Thank you to the many ARL players who joined us last night at Pub 21 for the party to close out the 2017/18 Fall/Winter season. There are a lot of people to thank for a great event last night and for a fun season.

It all starts with the drop of the puck so we want to say thank to the referees who do such a good job maintaining order and keeping the ARL games running smoothly. Their unique approach also keeps things light (most of the time). The ARL refs are a great group of people and they are truly a part of the league. They are appreciated.

Next, we would like to thank the timekeepers who show up week after week and sit in cold arena to run the clock. It may look easy but they do it well. For many, it is their first job. They are learning as they go and they are doing it for us. We are lucky to have them. A special thanks to Bruce Johnson for coordinating this group. Continue reading “End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You”

Championship Night Summer 2017

Hello ARL Players,

As the Spring/Summer 2017 season comes to a conclusion we want to invite you to share in the Championship Night festivities on Friday August 25th.

Please come up to Pub 21 following your game and enjoy some food and drink with your teammates and other ARL players. The five division champion teams will be rewarded with a Pub 21 gift certificate courtesy of The Wave and the ARL Committee.

We are working on a prize table for a raffle and a 50/50 draw. If you have anything to donate to the prize table it would be very much appreciated. Please let me know.

As always we will donate all dollars raised from this evening to a local charity. We will let you know when we determine a beneficiary.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Please enjoy your last couple of games and as always keep the ARL spirit in mind while playing.


The ARL Committee


Championship Night Winter 2016/17

Hello ARL Players

Here are a few things you need to know for Championship Night on Friday and the games that will take place on Friday and Sunday. Every team will play this weekend on either Friday or Sunday. Friday’s games are mostly ‘Gold Medal’ games and the games on Sunday are ‘Bronze Medal’ games.

The schedule was posted on the website and Facebook earlier today.

As always we request that the games be played with the ARL spirit in mind. Continue reading “Championship Night Winter 2016/17”

Championship Night S2016

ARL Championship Night [Update]

Hello ARL Players!

Congratulations on another excellent season. With Championship Night just around the corner we wanted to update you on what is going on for this evening.
The schedule will be released very soon. We are in the process of finalizing every matchup. Posted.

With The Crossbar being closed the Committee worked on a couple of different scenarios and we decided on the one that we felt was best…

We will be holding the Championship Night festivities at The Black Bull Pub which is on Guelph Line just south of Mainway, mere minutes from The Wave.

We invite all players to come over to The Black Bull and en Continue reading “ARL Championship Night [Update]”


Playoff Schedule – Summer 2016

Welcome to the ARL Summer 2016 Post Season!

We hope everyone has had a blast in the Regular Season. It’s now time to bring on the Playoffs!

The Playoff schedule has now been posted. The format this season will be a 3-round semi-round robin. Every team starts with a clean slate.  Your record in these 3 games will determine your placement in the 4th and final round. Even in the Playoffs, the ARL is about fun first and foremost. The same rules of the regular season still apply. In order to keep a fair playing field for all teams, only goalies and female poolies will be allowed during the playoffs (and only in the event you don’t have one playing).

The Championship Night will take place on Friday August 19th. See below for the current placeholder time slots. Best of luck to all teams! Continue reading “Playoff Schedule – Summer 2016”