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End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You

Hello ARL Players,

Thank you to the many ARL players who joined us last night at Pub 21 for the party to close out the 2017/18 Fall/Winter season. There are a lot of people to thank for a great event last night and for a fun season.

It all starts with the drop of the puck so we want to say thank to the referees who do such a good job maintaining order and keeping the ARL games running smoothly. Their unique approach also keeps things light (most of the time). The ARL refs are a great group of people and they are truly a part of the league. They are appreciated.

Next, we would like to thank the timekeepers who show up week after week and sit in cold arena to run the clock. It may look easy but they do it well. For many, it is their first job. They are learning as they go and they are doing it for us. We are lucky to have them. A special thanks to Bruce Johnson for coordinating this group. Continue reading “End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You”

ARL Closing Weekend

So as you all know the Fall/Winter season is coming to a close this weekend. In our customary fashion we are hoping that we can get as many players and their individual entourages together to celebrate a fantastic season.

We realize that four teams are playing at Appleby Arena and that due to our huge numbers sixteen teams have to wait until Sunday to finish the season but we truly hope as many of you can come out as possible. Continue reading “ARL Closing Weekend”

Update: Winter 2015/2016 Standings

First; and foremost; thank you for your patience this season during the transition. As we head into the final regular season weekend, many of you have been asking about the playoff format. Division 1 will be a kept intact, and will play round robin. Divisions 2 through 5 will split between top 4 and bottom 4; and again; play round robin. We have some exciting final regular season games to finish things off, with playoff seedings to be determined. Continue reading “Update: Winter 2015/2016 Standings”