Championship Night – Winter 2021/22

Hello ARL Players,

This weekend makes the conclusion of the playoffs placement matches. We’ve had a very unique season, filled with numerous oddities, but we are finally approaching the end. Next week, April 1st and 3rd, will be the conclusion of the ARL’s Winter 2021/22 season.

The Championship Night will be held on Friday, April 1st, with consolation matches occurring on both Friday and Sunday. While we do not have the placements as of yet, the schedule for the championship matches will be as follows:

Division 27:00 PMWave Black
Division 4A7:30 PMWave Red
Division 38:00 PMWave Black
Division 18:30 PMWave Red
Division 4B9:00 PMWave Black
Division 59:30 PMWave Red

We expect that all players will continue to play ARL-style hockey, regardless of the perceived importance of these final matches.

Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision not to host a closing event or gathering during the Championship Night. Prizes/Awards for the top placing teams have not yet been determined. We hope to have additional information closer to the event and will share it with the captains when we do.

In lieu of our ARL fundraiser, normally held during the closing event, we ask that you make a donation to one of the many charities currently supporting the people of Ukraine. A few options to donate via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal are listed below, with many more available on

Donations in crypto (BTC, ETH, and others) can be made directly to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

We thank everyone for their continued support and hope to see a lot of you back on May 6th for the start of the Summer 2022 season!

Have fun and play safe,
The ARL Committee