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COVID-19 (coronavirus) Featured

ARL Activities Suspended (Updated June 23-2020)

Update (2020-06-23 12:57):

Hello hockey fans,

There’s been lots of chatter about the reopening of facilities, how that will all unfold, and the impact it will have on our beloved game.

As it currently stands, we’ve yet to receive word from the league owners. So, for now, the ARL is still in limbo. As soon as something is formalized and the green light is given we will let you know.

Until then, stay tuned and start getting back in shape for the summer season!

All the best and stay safe out there folks,
The ARL Committee

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COVID-19 (coronavirus) Featured

ARL Update Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Hello ARL Captains and Players:

In light of the recommended guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) with respect to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the ARL is considering every safeguard to ensure the safety of the participants, officials, volunteers and fans who take part in our great game. As a result, for the ARL playoffs and Championship games, we are asking teams to replace the traditional postgame handshake with a fist pump (gloves on).

Despite reports of the risk being low for contracting COVID-19 to the general public in Canada, we are doing our due diligence in communicating the following information/recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada:

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