End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You

Hello ARL Players,

Thank you to the many ARL players who joined us last night at Pub 21 for the party to close out the 2017/18 Fall/Winter season. There are a lot of people to thank for a great event last night and for a fun season.

It all starts with the drop of the puck so we want to say thank to the referees who do such a good job maintaining order and keeping the ARL games running smoothly. Their unique approach also keeps things light (most of the time). The ARL refs are a great group of people and they are truly a part of the league. They are appreciated.

Next, we would like to thank the timekeepers who show up week after week and sit in cold arena to run the clock. It may look easy but they do it well. For many, it is their first job. They are learning as they go and they are doing it for us. We are lucky to have them. A special thanks to Bruce Johnson for coordinating this group.

Thank you to all the captains who help keep the league communication going and work together with their team to make things as fun as possible on a weekly basis. Sometimes this can be challenging. Most of the time it is rewarding. We appreciate the extra effort you give.

A huge thanks to Cody Lusk (webmaster) for taking care of the ARL website. This is a huge job and Cody handles it with a ton of care and timely diligence. Further to this, thanks to Bruce Johnson for handling the weekly stats updates. This also can be a bit of a pain but it is also done promptly and accurately.

Congratulations to the winning teams from last night’s Championship games:

D1 – Jeff Robson(Stars)

D2A – Ice Bears

D2B – Stormtroopers

D3 – Predators

D3B – Spartans

D4A – Blue Chips

D4B – Landsharks


Next, we want to thank the many people who supported our #HumboldtStrong fundraiser event. We had a lot of positive support and a nice turnout. First, a huge thanks to referee (and sometimes player) Amanda Lynam who arranged for the game pucks for this weekend as well as the helmet stickers from Fast Signs. They added a lot to the evening.

Thanks to the folks at Pub 21 for their great service on a very busy night.

A special thanks to the ARL players and teams who came upstairs and supported the night with their incredible generosity. A special shout out to:



Both of these teams made significant team donations.

A huge thanks to the players who contributed to the prize table that just kept on growing. Many ARL players left with prizes due to your generosity:

The Wave/Pub 21

Marlyn Katerenchuk

Greg Rollins/Ready Honda

Glen and Lyn Godovitz

Tim Girard

Gord and Derren Matthews

Bruce Johnson

Burlington Post


There were a handful of small prizes that went unclaimed and we will do our best to get them to the winners in the coming days or on opening night on April 27th. In addition to this four of the six large prizes went unclaimed last night and we wanted to notify the winners through this post. They are:

Hockey Stick – Manu

Cooler – Robert Mowat

Blue Jays Tickets (April 29th) – Adam Scott

Leafs Tickets – Carrie Orr Lusk

Please reach out and we will make arrangements to get these prizes to you in a timely manner.

The last piece of the puzzle is the 50/50 draw. The winning ticket # is was


The end result from all of the effort that everyone put into this #HumboldtStrong ARL fundraiser was $1150 was raised for this very important and unifying cause.

Thank you to everyone in the ARL for your participation and for once again showing that the #ARLCares.

See you all soon.

The ARL Committee