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End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You

Hello ARL Players,

Thank you to the many ARL players who joined us last night at Pub 21 for the party to close out the 2017/18 Fall/Winter season. There are a lot of people to thank for a great event last night and for a fun season.

It all starts with the drop of the puck so we want to say thank to the referees who do such a good job maintaining order and keeping the ARL games running smoothly. Their unique approach also keeps things light (most of the time). The ARL refs are a great group of people and they are truly a part of the league. They are appreciated.

Next, we would like to thank the timekeepers who show up week after week and sit in cold arena to run the clock. It may look easy but they do it well. For many, it is their first job. They are learning as they go and they are doing it for us. We are lucky to have them. A special thanks to Bruce Johnson for coordinating this group. Continue reading “End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You”

Team Photos for Winter 2017-18

Hello everyone,

Every season, we all get a day to step out on to the ice and stare right at our in-house volunteer photographer, Michael Durrant, as we try not to blink at the wrong time. For some of you, that day will be this upcoming weekend (Jan 26 and 28) as we take part in the first round of team photos.

The following teams will be having their photos taken before their games: Continue reading “Team Photos for Winter 2017-18”

Unacceptable League Conduct

Hello ARL Players,

I just wanted to reach out because we have had a couple of issues this weekend that will result in suspensions and ideally we want to stop things before they escalate.

In a division 3 game a player who was playing too aggressively rode a less experienced player into the boards which has resulted in a serious leg injury. The injured player may not play again. The offending player will be dealt with. A player in a division 2 game felt the need to swear at a referee after the ref admonished him for slamming his stick against the boards following a goal. The player was ejected him from the game and will be dealt with. Continue reading “Unacceptable League Conduct”

Update on Schedule and Rosters (Winter 2017-18)

Just to keep everyone in the loop. We will be sending the final schedule to all captains and posting it to the website on the weekend.

The schedule has been a major challenge this season because the league was cut by two teams and we had to do a major revision. We are also going through it closely to do our best to make sure there is a balance of Sunday games across the league. This too, is a major challenge because every time we move one game it has an impact on two other teams. It is a huge headache done completely in the name of balance.

The rosters have also been a major issue because even up through this past Sunday afternoon we had players leave the league due to injury and for personal reasons. We don’t want to send the rosters to our webmaster or stats guy until we are relatively certain we have them finalized. We also don’t have the team numbers from all of the captains yet. The idea is to send complete rosters with numbers to the webmaster and stats guy one time only for simplicity. We also had one team that needed a uniform change due to a couple of unforeseen issues.

Ultimately, we are almost through this massive process. To conclude, all seems to be in good shape on the ice and the games have been positive, which is the real purpose. We will work through these final pieces and everything will continue in a positive way as always.

Thank you for your patience,

The ARL Committee