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Photo Day – Jan 6/8 2017

Friday at the Wave – Jan 6
07:00pm Oilers v Citric Acid – Wave Blue
07:30pm Red Army v Dirty Caesars – Wave Red
08:00pm Falcons v Replacements – Wave Blue
08:30pm Team Canada v Shooters – Wave Red
09:00pm Dynamo v jeff-robson-stars (JR) – Wave Blue
09:30pm Blue Chips – Wave Red
10:30pm Diggers v Bruins – Wave Red
11:00pm Hurricanes v knights – Wave Blue

Sunday at Wave – Jan 8
11:00am Rogues v Spartans – Wave Blue
11:30am Black Bulls v Penguins – Wave Red
12:30pm Sharks v ShotThePuck(STP) – Wave Red
01:00pm Screeners v Hammers – Wave Blue
01:30pm Outlaws Team – Land Sharks – Wave Red
02:00pm Zambronies v Force – Wave Blue
02:30pm Ace of Spades v Canadiens – Wave Red

Please Check The Schedule Carefully

Hello ARL Players

Please note that the full ARL Regular Season Schedule is now posted on the ARL website.

Please check it carefully because some teams may have two games on the weekend of December 2nd and 4th. There is a possibility that there are teams that will not be playing any games on the weekend of December 2nd and 4th. Those teams will be playing on Friday December 23rd.

There will also be no games on Sunday January 15th.

Please understand that originally Continue reading “Please Check The Schedule Carefully”

Crashing the Net Rule – Important Reminder

Hello ARL Players;

The ARL Committee and referees want to remind you that player safety and respect for our goaltenders are a high priority in this league. We understand that hockey is a fast paced game and sometimes on ice collisions are difficult to avoid but one area that we can all work to prevent dangerous situations is the instance of cutting hard to the net, through the crease area and colliding with our goaltenders.

Please be reminded of the rule and consider this while playing at all levels of the ARL.

Players DO NOT cut to the net in an aggressive manner – it almost always results in a collision.

We are strongly discouraging players from cutting to the front of the net with the puck in attempt to score. While ‘crashing’ the net may look enticing, there is a strong potential of a high impact collision with the goaltender which may result in Continue reading “Crashing the Net Rule – Important Reminder”


Schedule Explanation

Hello ARL Players

There are a few dates in the Fall/Winter schedule that need an explanation.

The first is week 12 which includes Friday games on December 2nd. There is nothing unusual here but you may notice that there are no games on Sunday, December 4th which would normally be the second half of week 12. There is a tournament at The Wave on that date. The remaining eight games for week 12 will be played on Friday December 23rd. All of these games are on the schedule.

There is a similar glitch in the schedule in January on Sunday January 15th. Once again there is a tournament at The Wave. We are currently working with The Wave to find replacement ice for these eight games.

We will continue to update the entire league through the website, Facebook and our captain’s list as soon as everything becomes more clear.


The ARL Committee

New Player Evaluation September 9th

Welcome to the Adult Rookie League!

The ARL organizing committee would like to welcome you to the league and in an effort to make your entry into the league a little more comfortable we would like to invite you to a player ‘evaluation’ on Friday September 9th.

Please don’t let the term evaluation intimidate you. It is really just an opportunity to get out for a skate before the season starts. We will do a couple of drills and then play a shinny that places the emphasis on fun, and gives all of the incoming players a sense of what playing in the ARL is all about.

There will be two sessions; one at 7pm and one at 8pm. Please check below for your name and arrive approximately half an hour before your assigned session. Please be sure to bring your own jersey and a pair of socks. Continue reading “New Player Evaluation September 9th”


July Survey Results

Thank you to the many players who responded to the survey that we created to gauge players opinions regarding our hockey league. The response was overwhelming.

The vast majority of players are in favour of the status quo with a few adjustments.

The modifications will likely surround working towards balancing teams and divisions as best as possible as we head into the Fall/Winter season and at intervals during the season. As a Committee we are currently working on the definite logistics and we will update the league as a whole after Labour Day through our website, newsletter, Facebook page and e-mails to team captains. Continue reading “July Survey Results”