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Photo Day – Jan 6/8 2017

Friday at the Wave – Jan 6
07:00pm Oilers v Citric Acid – Wave Blue
07:30pm Red Army v Dirty Caesars – Wave Red
08:00pm Falcons v Replacements – Wave Blue
08:30pm Team Canada v Shooters – Wave Red
09:00pm Dynamo v jeff-robson-stars (JR) – Wave Blue
09:30pm Blue Chips – Wave Red
10:30pm Diggers v Bruins – Wave Red
11:00pm Hurricanes v knights – Wave Blue

Sunday at Wave – Jan 8
11:00am Rogues v Spartans – Wave Blue
11:30am Black Bulls v Penguins – Wave Red
12:30pm Sharks v ShotThePuck(STP) – Wave Red
01:00pm Screeners v Hammers – Wave Blue
01:30pm Outlaws Team – Land Sharks – Wave Red
02:00pm Zambronies v Force – Wave Blue
02:30pm Ace of Spades v Canadiens – Wave Red