Please Check The Schedule Carefully

Hello ARL Players

Please note that the full ARL Regular Season Schedule is now posted on the ARL website.

Please check it carefully because some teams may have two games on the weekend of December 2nd and 4th. There is a possibility that there are teams that will not be playing any games on the weekend of December 2nd and 4th. Those teams will be playing on Friday December 23rd.

There will also be no games on Sunday January 15th.

Please understand that originally these two blips in the schedule were a result of ice time not being available at The Wave on December 4th and January 15th. We scheduled the missing games for December 4th on December 23rd when we created the original schedule. This left us in a position where we just needed to slot in the missing games from January 15th.

The Wave informed us in October that as a result of a change in their scheduling, ice time was indeed available on December 4th so at that time we elected to plug in the missing games from January 15th in the December 4th slot.

This may seem complicated but it was done in order to NOT disrupt the original flow of the schedule.

Games are now posted up to the end of the regular season on Sunday March 12th. There will be three weeks of playoffs from March 17th through April 2nd. Championship weekend will be the weekend of April 7th and 9th.

Playoff match ups and schedule will be created in the new year.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ted Lindsay on behalf of the ARL Committee