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Team Photos for Winter 2017-18

Hello everyone,

Every season, we all get a day to step out on to the ice and stare right at our in-house volunteer photographer, Michael Durrant, as we try not to blink at the wrong time. For some of you, that day will be this upcoming weekend (Jan 26 and 28) as we take part in the first round of team photos.

The following teams will be having their photos taken before their games: Continue reading “Team Photos for Winter 2017-18”

Photos Featured

Photo Day – Jan 6/8 2017

Friday at the Wave – Jan 6
07:00pm Oilers v Citric Acid – Wave Blue
07:30pm Red Army v Dirty Caesars – Wave Red
08:00pm Falcons v Replacements – Wave Blue
08:30pm Team Canada v Shooters – Wave Red
09:00pm Dynamo v jeff-robson-stars (JR) – Wave Blue
09:30pm Blue Chips – Wave Red
10:30pm Diggers v Bruins – Wave Red
11:00pm Hurricanes v knights – Wave Blue

Sunday at Wave – Jan 8
11:00am Rogues v Spartans – Wave Blue
11:30am Black Bulls v Penguins – Wave Red
12:30pm Sharks v ShotThePuck(STP) – Wave Red
01:00pm Screeners v Hammers – Wave Blue
01:30pm Outlaws Team – Land Sharks – Wave Red
02:00pm Zambronies v Force – Wave Blue
02:30pm Ace of Spades v Canadiens – Wave Red