New Player Evaluation September 9th

Welcome to the Adult Rookie League!

The ARL organizing committee would like to welcome you to the league and in an effort to make your entry into the league a little more comfortable we would like to invite you to a player ‘evaluation’ on Friday September 9th.

Please don’t let the term evaluation intimidate you. It is really just an opportunity to get out for a skate before the season starts. We will do a couple of drills and then play a shinny that places the emphasis on fun, and gives all of the incoming players a sense of what playing in the ARL is all about.

There will be two sessions; one at 7pm and one at 8pm. Please check below for your name and arrive approximately half an hour before your assigned session. Please be sure to bring your own jersey and a pair of socks.

The sessions will be held in the Wave Blue rink:

7 pm


Wendy Lei
Robert Beaudry


Sam Abbott
Stephane Verreault
Ramin Hoshmand
Kevin Monteiro
Mike Hover
Mark Lucas
Kristina Dodd
Alex Harrold
Tim Wilson
Greg Pass
Jeff Kondo
Julia O’Brien
Bob Johnson
Conrad Johnson
Cameron Matthews
Mark Gregory
Peter MacDonald
Scott Ritchie
Adam Crawford
Chris Rosser
Eric Stevens
Mark Jesse
Dan Lee
Kyle Vogt
Ashley Casey
Pete Mlekuz
Jesse Castro
Gord Forsyth
Andrew Gong
Austin Walker
Ian Shirley
Danny Boutcher
Caroline Balogh

8 pm


Ashley Casey


Courtenay Fleet
Ian MacInnis
Mike Winton
Eric Hallett
Hayden Hallett
Stephani Rankin
Brent Fraser
Bill Watson
Bert Burkholder
Michal Shahar
Darren Chapman
James Benford
Brody Wignall
Daryl Hellewell
James Newman
Jake Navarra
David Hill
John Runham
Graham Major
Keith McChesney
Ryan Kuffert
Rick McMartin
Andre Vasilisin
Rob Rankin
Steve DiManno
Francis Bennett
Neil Hinsperger
Milo Lattanzi
Scott McIntosh
Al Watkinson
Jamie Malek


The ARL Committee