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Crashing the Net Rule – Important Reminder

Hello ARL Players;

The ARL Committee and referees want to remind you that player safety and respect for our goaltenders are a high priority in this league. We understand that hockey is a fast paced game and sometimes on ice collisions are difficult to avoid but one area that we can all work to prevent dangerous situations is the instance of cutting hard to the net, through the crease area and colliding with our goaltenders.

Please be reminded of the rule and consider this while playing at all levels of the ARL.

Players DO NOT cut to the net in an aggressive manner – it almost always results in a collision.

We are strongly discouraging players from cutting to the front of the net with the puck in attempt to score. While ‘crashing’ the net may look enticing, there is a strong potential of a high impact collision with the goaltender which may result in Continue reading “Crashing the Net Rule – Important Reminder”