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Welcome to the Spring/Summer season

Welcome to the Spring/Summer season. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting four months of hockey.

We wanted to send this message to all participants prior to the season in order to make you aware of a few changes as we head into the new session.

  1. There will be no shoot outs in the regular season. A tie will award one point per team.
  2. There will be no “Hot Dog” rule in Division 1. The remaining divisions will still have the “Hot Dog” rule.
  3. We are still adhering to the 24 hour rule, for on ice issues. Of course there can be extenuating circumstances, however, 24 hours can make for much clearer thoughts.

Off ice, we ask that ARL players enjoy the league Facebook page. There is lots of friendly banter, fun content and some great photos by ARL player Michael Durrant. On occasion, this page is a source of communication between the ARL Committee and players

Speaking of which, one other important change related to ARL communication involves each division having a representative from the committee as your team captain’s first means of communication when discussing any issues related to ARL activity. We ask that everyone follow the chain of command to ensure that questions are answered in an orderly way.

Players communicate with captains. Captains will either deal with the situation directly or within their team, or they will forward the question to the Division Convener. The Division Convener will either deal with the situation with the Captain or move it forward to the Committee as a whole. Once the issue is resolved, communication will then move back down through the chain from the Committee to the Division Convener, to the team captain and then to the players. As a group, the Committee and Captains hope this creates a positive flow of information through the league and that all participants are involved on a need to know basis.

The Division Conveners are:

Division 1 – Patte Beltrame
Division 2 – Jeff Topping
Division 3 – Jim Sleno
Division 4 – Pat Baranowski
Division 5 – Ted Lindsay

Finally, please take notice of the ever evolving website created by ARL players Cody Lusk and Bruce Johnson. There are many improvements to the site since January so by all means go familiarize yourself with everything the new site has to offer.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming season and as always keep the ARL spirit in mind while playing.

Keep your stick on the ice.


The ARL Committee