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Summer 2018 Registration – Now Open

Hello ARL Players…

…and hopefully some new people who plan on joining us in the upcoming season. We are happy to say that registration is open for the Spring/Summer season. Please register early to avoid disappointment. There are only 26 teams in the summer session which means less numbers and limited positions in each division. Goalies! There are only 26 spots. Get yours today.

ARL Summer 2018 Flyer

The Spring/Summer season will be a total of 18 weeks consisting of 14 regular season games, 3 playoff games and a Championship Night.

You can register by going to this link:

Summer 2018 Registration

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Playoff Schedule


Friday March 17th

Wave Twin Rinks

7:00 D3A Screeners vs. Rogues
7:30 D3B Eh Team vs. Shooters
8:00 D3A Hammers vs. Spartans
8:30 D3B Chaos vs. Team Canada
9:00 D5A Citric Acid vs. Bruins
9:30 D5B STP vs. TEAD
10:00 D5A Oilers vs. Diggers
10:30 D5B Tsunami vs. Sharks
11:00 D1 Red Army vs. Stars (JR)

Appleby Ice Centre

9:30 D1 Replacements vs. Dynamo
10:30 D1 Dirty Caesars vs. Falcons

Sunday March 19th

Wave Twin Rinks

11:00 D2A Ice Bears vs. Penguins
11:30 D2B Canadiens vs. Jets
12:00 D2A Black Bulls vs. Ace of Spades
12:30 D2B Green Lanterns vs. Storm
1:00 D4A Stars vs. Outlaws
1:30 D4B Zambronies vs. Force
2:00 D4A Blue Chips vs. Landsharks
2:30 D4B Knights vs. Hurricanes

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Friday March 24th

Wave Twin Rinks

7:00 4AStars vs. Blue Chips
7:30 4B Zambronies vs. Knights
8:00 4A Landsharks vs. Outlaws
8:30 4B Hurricanes vs. Force
9:00 2A Ice Bears vs. Black Bulls
9:30 2B Canadiens vs. Green Lanterns
10:00 2A Ace of Spades vs. Penguins
10:30 2B Strom vs. Jets
11:00 D1 Dirty Caesars vs. Dynamo

Appleby Ice Centre

9:30 5A Citric Acid vs. Oilers
10:30 5B STP vs. Tsunami

Sunday March 26th

Wave Twin Rinks

11:00 3A Screeners vs. Hammers
11:30 3B Eh Team vs. Chaos
12:00 3A Spartans vs. Rogues
12:30 3B Team Canada vs. Shooters
1:00 D1 Replacements vs Stars (JR)
1:30 D1 Red Army vs. Falcons
2:00 5A Diggers vs. Bruins
2:30 5B Sharks vs. TEAD

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Friday March 31st

Wave Twin Rinks

7:00 5A Citric Acid vs. Diggers
7:30 5B STP vs. Sharks
8:00 5A Oilers vs. Bruins
8:30 5B Tsunami vs. TEAD
9:00 D1 Dirty Caesars vs. Stars (JR)
9:30 2A Ice Bears vs. Ace of Spades
10:00 2B Canadiens vs. Storm
10:30 2A Black Bulls vs. Penguins
11:00 2B Green Lanterns vs. Jets

Appleby Ice Centre

9:30 D1 Red Army vs. Dynamo
10:30 D1 Replacements vs. Falcons

Sunday April 2nd

Wave Twin Rinks

11:00 Screeners vs. Spartans
11:30 3B Eh Team vs. Team Canada
12:00 3A Hammers vs. Rogues
12:30 3B Chaos vs. Shooters
1:00 4A Stars vs. Landsharks
1:30 4B Zambronies vs. Hurricanes
2:00 4A Blue Chips vs. Outlaws
2:30 4B Knights vs. Force

ARL Playoff Schedule

Hello ARL Players;
Here is the schedule for the upcoming ARL Playoffs. This will serve to show the time slots for all playoff games. We will not know which teams will actually be playing in each game until the final standings are determined. We will know this by Sunday March 12th and we will post the actual team assignments for each time slot by Tuesday March 14th.

Week One – March 17th

7:00 D3A 1 vs 4
7:30 D3B 1 vs 4
8:00 D3A 2 vs 3
8:30 D3B 2 vs 3
9:00 D5A 1 vs 4
9:30 D5B 1 vs 4
10:00 D5A 2 vs 3
10:30 D5B 2 vs 3
11:00 D1 1 vs 6

ARL Rule Update

Hello ARL Players:

Please see the following rule amendment that has been written as a result of an incident that took place a couple of weeks ago.

If the situation should occur that the only female player on a team gets ejected from a game then that team will forfeit to their opponent. While some may feel this is a harsh punishment for the team as a whole we need to understand three things.

1. This is a social Co-Ed league.

2. The situation where a player (male or female) needs to be ejected is rare.

3. The situation where a team has only one female player on their roster is relatively rare. A typical ARL team has at least 2-3 female players.

As a league we are ultimately most concerned for the safety and fairness of all players involved. The enforcement of the rules will come down in favour of the majority of the league and our primary objective is to support the Co-Ed vision of the ARL.

Merry Christmas ARL

Hello ARL Players

As the league approaches the Christmas break and the festive holiday season we wanted to send a message to everyone. We are half way through the season and on the whole it has been very positive. The ARL Committee would like to wish all of the ARL players, referees and timekeepers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe over the holidays and we will see you on the weekend of January 6th/8th.

Thank you for playing with the ARL spirit in mind and for making this league so much fun on a weekly basis.


The ARL Committee

Pub21 - Pub 21 Featured

A Message from Pub 21

ARL Athletes,

Thank you all for your patience and the continued support of the new Pub 21 restaurant located upstairs at Wave twin Rinks. Pub 21 is a small business supporting the athletes, parents, families and supporters of Wave Hockey. We please ask that you stress to your teammates and players the importance of players NOT drinking in the parking lot and dressing rooms as one infraction WILL be enough to shut down the existence of Pub 21. Pub 21 is not only a large part of the WAHL and ARL but also Continue reading “A Message from Pub 21”

Pub 21

Hello ARL’ers! Here is a special offer from PUB 21. Chad has been very good about reaching out to me with his offers. I will continue to share them on our page and we will also try to communicate them through our captains via e-mail and on the website. Hopefully we can support them on Fridays and Sundays wherever possible. The effort they have put into Pub 21 is apparent. Have a great weekend! Continue reading “Pub 21”


Website Enhancements [October 2016]

Hello ARL Players,

There were a handful of upgrades added to the website over this week. Majority were back-end updates, but site viewers may notice some changes as well.


The first enhancement some users will notice is the implementation of HTTPS/TLS (TLS 1.1 and 1.2) throughout the site. If you have any issues accessing any area of the site: First, make sure you are using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc). Second, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. And third, make sure you have any available Continue reading “Website Enhancements [October 2016]”