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Thank you for Another Great Season!

Hello ARL players

Thank you for being a part of another great season of ARL hockey. Congratulations on showing once again, that not only is hockey the greatest sport in the world but that that the ARL is the best hockey league in the world because it combines the sport of hockey with the true spirit of competition…FUN!

Congratulations to each of the winning teams in last nights games and to each of the finalists as well as the teams participating in consolation games and a special thanks to players who did not play last night but took the time to come out and join us everyone.
We are proud to say that as of right now the ARL has raised over $780 for RIGHT TO PLAY in the name of Zac Bentley.
Thank you to all of the people who made the games run as smoothly as possible…THE REFEREES, THE TIMEKEEPERS and THE WAVE ARENA STAFF.
Thank you to each of the ARL TEAM CAPTAINS for all of your hard work in organizing your team week after week.
Thank you to THE CROSSBAR STAFF for their hospitality last evening and a special thank you for donating a 32″ TV to the raffle.

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