Spring Blast

The official page of the ARL Spring Blast Tournament.

The Spring Blast Marathon Tournament is back again for 2017. Check out the details below.


The ARL Spring Blast Marathon Tournament is a great chance for new players to come out and see what the ARL is all about. It’s 4 games of back-to-back hockey action.

Registration is open to all players, both male and female, of any skill level who want to play a beginner friendly tournament.

Date: April 14, 2017
Time: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Format: 5 on 5
# of Teams: 4
# of Games: 4
Players per Team: 15 plus Goaltender
Cost: $65.00 per player

Normal ARL Rules apply.

All games will take place at the Wave Twin Rinks.
1179 Northside Rd, Burlington, ON L7M 1H5

Team Blue
Team Black
Team Red
Team White
Team 1

Mike Wilson
Stephen Doherty
Kerig Ahern
Ves Sobot
Pat Baranowski
Alex Selvig
Adam Selvig
Jeff Topping
Cynthia Richards
Sean McCafferty
John McGaughey
Jeff Greig
Robert Macleod
Ian Fewkes
Michelle Carrigan
Bruce Fraser
Kegan Buchanan
Sean Scott

Team 2

Daniel Ball
Carson Shold
Nathaniel Stajov
Daniel Pass
Alex Pass
Stuart Mitchell
Mike Stelmach
Daniel Stelmach
Peter Kondo
David Hunter
Dana Cornelisse
Cody Lusk
Steven Chomik

Team 3

Gerald Charmicheal
Brett Taylor
Ryan Taylor
Jill Brady
Chris Illes
Zoe Charmicheal
Bruce Johnson
Mark Adams
Heidi Adams
Brandon Hume
Ryoshi Sugaye
Michael Denisko
Jameson Cheung
Derek Grubb

Team 4

Greg Rollins
Jim Sleno
Michael Vaughn
Lianne Dipaolo
David Dipaolo
Matt Mascola
Anna Pocrnick
Tom Chrisomeris
Dave Musarai
Fabrizio Musarai
Jason Hynes
Mike Rice
James Douketis
Danny boutcher
Cameron Mathews

7:00 PM Team 3 vs Team 4 | 7:30 PM Team 1 v Team 2
8:30 PM Team 2 vs Team 3 | Team 4 vs Team 1
9:30 PM Team 4 vs Team 2 | Team 1 vs Team 3
10:30 PM Championship / Bronze Medal games
Other Notes
We expect all players to play in the ARL spirit.

Spring Blast Tournament