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Tiebreaker rules for Winter Playoffs (W2018-19)

Hello ARL Players,

Just to clarify there will be no shootouts in the playoffs until the Championship games. All divisions will play a round robin format (some divisions are six teams and the schedule is weighted in favour of the higher placing teams). The tiebreak scenario will be similar to the regular season.

  • Most Wins
  • Head to Head Matchup (if applicable)
  • Goal Differential
  • Goals For
  • Goals Against
  • Fewest Penalty Minutes
  • Coin Flip


On Behalf of The ARL Committee

Photo Day W2017-18 - Featured

Team Photo Day for Winter 2018-19

Hello ARL,

Starting this week we will taking team photographs(!).

The following teams playing at the Wave Twin Rinks / Stone Ridge Ice Centre this Friday (Feb 1) will have their pictures taken.

19:00 Green Eagles & Stormtroopers
19:30 Predators 
20:30 Red Army & ARL-Devils
21:00 Train Wreck & Tigers
21:30 Hot Mustard & Grape Crush
22:00 Beasts & Ravens
22:30 Land Sharks & Thunder
23:00 TrebleMakers & Tsunami

The following teams playing at the Wave Twin Rinks / Stone Ridge Ice Centre this Sunday (Feb 3) will have their pictures taken.

11:00 Rhinos & Avalanche
11:30 Ice Devils & Eh Team
12:00 Black Bulls & Kings
12:30 Leafs & Iceotopes
13:00 Mixers & Spartans
13:30 Iceholes & Iguanas
14:30 Team Canada & Great Whites

And the following teams will be scheduled over the next three weeks. Stay tuned!

Arcturus Stars (Michael Durrant)
JR Stars (Jeff Robson)
Green Wave
Bender Team
The Replacements

Mid-Season Update from the ARL and Referees

Hello ARL Players,

We are almost half way through the season and we need to get a message through to ARL players across all five divisions.

In the past two weeks we have had seven players suspended for a total of nine games.

As a Committee we need to remind the players of a few very important things:

  1. This is a co-ed social hockey league.
  2. Although it is nice to win once in a while it is not win at all costs.
  3. It is not an effort to win by completely embarrassing less experienced players.
  4. There is no reason to pursue another player and body check them for some perceived slight.
  5. When the whistle blows to end the play it is not time to taunt your opponent and try to engage them in an altercation.
  6. If you are assessed a penalty by our referees it is not an open invitation to abuse them for having the gall to enforce the rules.
  7. Please stay out of the goaltenders crease. Please do not cut to the net and jeopardize the safety of the goaltender.

We have had 5 goalies injured this season. Two have been forced to leave for the season. Two have suffered concussions/whiplash from contact. This should not happen.

  1. Basically, please respect your opponent. They are good people. When in doubt refer back to point #1.
  2. Let’s have fun out there. The ARL used to be FUN guaranteed. We are getting a strong sense that many people are not having as much fun as they used to. This is disturbing.
  3. We will leave it up to you to decide. FUN or a LEAGUE WIDE CRACKDOWN on all offending players. The crackdown has begun. Fun is and always has been the goal.

Let’s all work together and get things back on track right away.


The ARL Committee and Referees

Rule Recap: Five Goal Differential and Hotdogging

Hello ARL Players,

A couple of issues have come up related to the ARL style of play and the ARL spirit so once again we need to revisit the Five Goal Differential and Hotdogging rule.

The Five Goal Differential
  • In the interest of fairness and sportsmanship, no team may score more than 5 goals more than their opponent at any time. Any goals scored after that maximum will not be counted or recorded. Any goal scored when a team is down by five goals will simply not count. We ask that stronger teams try to help make the game even out as best they can or at least stop scoring.

Continue reading “Rule Recap: Five Goal Differential and Hotdogging”


Register for Winter 2018/19 Today!

It’s that time of year again…

Registration for the Winter 2018-19 season is now open. The ARL winter season is extremely popular. Last season over 50% of the available spots were filled in the first week!

Games for the winter season take place on Friday evening and Sundays. 36 teams. 5 divisions. 1 great season of hockey.

Registration deadline is August 15 so don’t wait! Register today!


ARL Winter 2017-18 Flyer

End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You

Hello ARL Players,

Thank you to the many ARL players who joined us last night at Pub 21 for the party to close out the 2017/18 Fall/Winter season. There are a lot of people to thank for a great event last night and for a fun season.

It all starts with the drop of the puck so we want to say thank to the referees who do such a good job maintaining order and keeping the ARL games running smoothly. Their unique approach also keeps things light (most of the time). The ARL refs are a great group of people and they are truly a part of the league. They are appreciated.

Next, we would like to thank the timekeepers who show up week after week and sit in cold arena to run the clock. It may look easy but they do it well. For many, it is their first job. They are learning as they go and they are doing it for us. We are lucky to have them. A special thanks to Bruce Johnson for coordinating this group. Continue reading “End of Winter 2017-18 – Thank You”