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Summer 2022 Pre-Season Update

Hello ARL Players,

With the season opener just days away, we are hard at work putting together the final rosters. This last weekend before the season starts is by far our busiest.

We plan on releasing the schedule for the first few weeks by Tuesday next week. Just know that you definitely will be playing with a start time between 7 PM and 10:30 PM on Friday, May 6th. (Oh, did we mention we are eliminating the 11 PM start times this season? We are eliminating the 11 PM start times this season.)

The schedule will be distributed to the team captains who will in turn reach out to their teammates. If you do not hear from your captain by this coming Thursday, please contact

After the first few weeks pf play, we will have a better understanding of the teams’ skill levels and may make trades in the name of balance. This is a good time to remind all players that, while we strive to accommodate requests to keep groups together, there still is the possibility larger groups will be broken up.

Thank you for your patience and see you on the ice.