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Domain Expiry Notice:

Hello ARL players (and prospects),

This is a brief maintenance announcement letting you know that the web domain “” will be expiring on 20/01/2020 and will not be renewed. If you have any bookmarks still using this domain, please update them accordingly.

Expanded information on this change is provided below.

Background information

The domain,, was previously used by our website‘s link-shorting service. You may have seen these links in emails or social media postings. These links not only create a smaller hyperlink footprint, they also let us know what content you care about and what content you don’t, which in turn helps us to provide you with more relevant information.

The domain was replaced by in 2018.

For example, the shortlink for the page “” is “

Is there anything I need to do?

Most likely? No.

There are a few links floating around, but reports show the traffic is minimal. If you clicked on an link in the past and bookmarked the page, there’s no issue as it would have brought you to the full link and that’s what would have been bookmarked.

You would only have a bookmark if you manually created it, or if your “bookmarks” are bunch of links in a text document on your desktop 🙂

Going forward

As mentioned prior, the domain was replaced by in 2018. While you will no longer see shortlinks, you will still routinely see shortlinks.

I need help or more information

As always, please feel free to reach the web administration team at