Winter 2017-18 Playoff Format

Hello ARL Players:

Playoffs are a little more than a month away and we wanted to reach out to you to let you know the Playoff format across all five divisions. Please see below:

1st to 4th play a round robin

3rd through 6th play a round robin

5th through 10th play a round robin

5th through 8th play a round robin

D1 (5&6) and D2 (1&2) play a round robin

1st through 4th play a round robin

1st through 4th play a round robin

1st through 6th play a round robin

The adjustments have been made in order to create balance in what many consider to be the ‘second season’. As a result of this restructuring, teams will be playing for eight championship designations on Championship Night, which will take place on Friday April 13th. Consolation games will take place on April 15th. We feel this is the best way to create the parity we are striving for. As always keep the ARL spirit in mind through the remainder of the regular season and throughout the playoffs. The full playoff schedule will be posted as soon as possible following the conclusion of the regular season on Sunday March 4th.


The ARL Committee