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Important Note Regarding Aggression

Hello, ARL Players,

We regret that we have to send this message but recent events have made it necessary. We have just completed the sixth week of the Spring/Summer season and on and off ice incidents resulting in suspensions are at an unprecedented high.

To date, we have been forced to suspend eight players for a total of twelve games. There is one other situation pending. The issues pretty much spread across all divisions and include both male and female players. The common thread is players are playing way too aggressively for the ARL. They are taking the game way too seriously and on many occasions, things are getting way out of hand. The referees are getting fed up with the actions of many players. They are also tired of verbal abuse on several occasions. We need to remind the players in this league that it is a co-ed, social hockey league with an emphasis on fun and development.

We need to go back to treating teammates, opponents and referees with respect. The current level of penalising and supplementary discipline that has been assessed cannot continue. Perhaps worst of all the offending players are making the ARL experience unenjoyable for new players and players of lesser experience. This runs contrary to the ARL mission.

As of this message we will be forced to become much more strict with both on ice penalties and suspensions in order to curb this unacceptable behaviour. Players who don’t like it are free to join another league.


The ARL Committee