ARL Rule Update

Hello ARL Players:

Please see the following rule amendment that has been written as a result of an incident that took place a couple of weeks ago.

If the situation should occur that the only female player on a team gets ejected from a game then that team will forfeit to their opponent. While some may feel this is a harsh punishment for the team as a whole we need to understand three things.

1. This is a social Co-Ed league.

2. The situation where a player (male or female) needs to be ejected is rare.

3. The situation where a team has only one female player on their roster is relatively rare. A typical ARL team has at least 2-3 female players.

As a league we are ultimately most concerned for the safety and fairness of all players involved. The enforcement of the rules will come down in favour of the majority of the league and our primary objective is to support the Co-Ed vision of the ARL.