Apology to Appleby Players [Update]

Apology to ARL Players Playing at Appleby on April 1st.

We are extremely sorry for the confusion surrounding the two games that were to take place at Appleby Arena last night.
As a group we can’t imagine the disappointment the players would have felt arriving for a game only to find the ice time has been given away.
At this time we know very little. We know we booked the ice time. We know it was given away. As a city run facility it is impossible to get any answers until Monday at the earliest. we are also trying to get in touch with our representatives at The Wave who book the ice on our behalf. So far we have no answers.

We will be in touch with the captains of all four teams. We are doing whatever we can to ensure that the two games will be played as soon as possible. Thank you to the four teams involved for your patience and understanding surrounding this issue.
Update: Fortunately with some help from the Wave we have found the source of last night’s error. It was a double booking by the City. Our next step is to work at getting the four teams an hour of ice time as soon as possible. We will update each of the captains as soon as we get confirmation. From here on in all affected players will be contacted by their captains.
The ARL Committee