The Dawn of a New Era

It has been a long and winding road, but through the hard work of a few and the support of many we are proud to launch the new ARL website. We have been able to keep the same domain ( which will maintain a consistency from the original site. The new site is fresh, clean and well designed. We hope you like it. It will provide you, the ARL player with all of the necessary items; such as league information, team rosters, schedules, player statistics and registration information for upcoming sessions.

So without further adieu the ARL owes a huge amount of gratitude to Cody Lusk for lending his talent and expertise to the site design. The transition from the old site to the new site was quite a process and Cody stepped up at the perfect time. In addition to Cody we must thank Michael Durrant for the work he did to back up files from the old site and for his amazing photography and poster design, which enhances the ARL site experience. Thanks must also go to Bruce Johnson for providing us with a ton of direction and advice when we were entertaining site design options.

Going forward, information will be updated on the site by ARL committee members on a regular basis, so everything will be back to normal. There may be the occasional hiccup so please be patient.

Having said that, THANK YOU to all of you ARL players for your patience over the past two months as we went through this challenging process.

Finally, thank you to our Convenor Pat Baranowski for all of her hard work and dedication in seeing this project through to completion. It was not easy, and it took a lot of twists and turns but thanks to everyone mentioned above and Pat’s guidance we have a new website.

Enjoy the rest of the season and remember to register for the Spring and Summer season.

The ARL Committee